Choosing the Best Location-Based Technology for Mobile Apps – GPS Vs Beacons Vs WiFi

We've had a few requests recently for mobile apps - These are growing increasingly popular for businesses and commercial use.

To gain the advantage of the latest technology you need to make your mobile app development worthwhile and growth-oriented by choosing the right location based technology.

All different types of business are utilising mobile apps, and within this is the drive to develop tecno-driven location based services (LBS). Using location based technology offers potential customers’ immediate access to products and services related information, potentially increasing the likelihood of turning a prospective buyer into a customer.

Similar to targeted online adverts, the location based mobile app gives you the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, reaching your target audience in close proximity and enhancing the possibility of a direct sale.

If you are looking to develop an innovative location based mobile app, you need to understand the different location based technology utilised in the app development process.

Below you will find the different location based technologies currently popular for mobile application development. For maximum impact, it's important to select the right technology based on the precise need of your business.

Beacon – Useful for an Indoor Business Environment

Beacon is a popularly used small transmitter device, transmitting a signal which is identified by devices having Bluetooth enabled within a range. It utilises Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Beacons are available in different shapes and formats such as small coin cell, USB sticks, etc.

It works with the iPhone 4S and above and Android 4.3 and above phones. When visitors enter within a range of a beacon it triggers a push notification. Beacon apps are popularly used by many shopping malls, restaurants, retail shops and more for tracking specific data of customers.

Mobile app development using beacon technology is helpful for different industries such as Travel, Food, Entertainment, Retail, Automation, Health, Retail and many more.

Beacons allows you to send customised messages on-site in order to enhance shopping experience based on a certain criteria, such as consumer’s shopping habits, preferences, location and other details. Bacon apps have increased their reach from just retailer apps and have been adopted by small and large sized businesses.

Main benefits include: - Low battery usage thus helping to extend battery life of the device. - An ideal choice for context-aware messaging, through offering accurate results for proximity detection. - Works across different devices and platforms. - An idea option for indoor environments such as shopping malls, hospitals or retail hubs.

GPS – Useful for an Outdoor Business Environment

Another location-based technology, GPS (Global Positioning System) is used to track a user’s location using the given search criteria. More than showing information about the location, date or time as well as providing driving direction, GPS based technology is useful in many ways. Location based mobile app using GPS allows you to use your smartphone as a GPS tracking unit.

As GPS offers satellite tracking services, it is very useful for a range of personal and commercial applications. It is a good choice for an outdoor business environment and also where location/distance/traffic and other information are relevant.

With precise search criteria, your GPS Mobile app delivers your customers complete information based on their search. For transportation, travelling and cab services as well as other location-based services, GPS apps give businesses efficient outcomes with improved customer services.

Main benefits include: - No range constraints and highly available. - Provides more than current location information - It provides voice guidance to give driving instructions - It knows your location in real time - It can be used as a tracking device.

The disadvantage of this service is it consumes more power, and thus affects battery life causing the device to need frequent charging.

The next generation apps offer scope to build Geo-location apps to give virtual tours. Businesses can use the advantages of GPS based apps to offer their customers a virtual experience, navigating their products or services.

Wi-Fi – Useful for Indoor Environment

WiFi is popularly used in offices, business centres and public places, enable users to connect to networks using some security measurements including username and passwords.

Wi-Fi is used by small and big industries alike, and becomes widely utilised by businesses to offer better services to customers. It does not require any app to use and is easily accessed by all types of devices. It's main use is for an indoor environment, as well as to share data on different devices across a network.

In conclusion, the advancement of location-based technology for mobile apps helps businesses not only in increasing growth and profits, but in terms of offering efficient, cost-effective and time-critical services to their customers.

Taking advantage of next generation technology always help your business to explore new horizons with fresh opportunities and keep a step ahead of competitiors.

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