Secret Garden Party Server Fun

We’ve spent most of the weekend in a field at a boutique festival somewhere in deepest, darkest, Cambridgeshire - The Secret Garden Party. And I have to tell you, it was a great few days!

Now luckily there are companies such as our very own Geekabit, who very kindly make Wi-Fi and internet connections available in fields - it’s almost like still having an office in your pocket.

In our time away, we noticed some of our clients web apps were performing a little slowly, and that one client’s office server had turned off. From our smartphones, in the middle of a field, during the weekend, sat somewhere in the woods between two dance stages of pounding house music, we managed to diagnose and fix both issues.

What We Do Differently

We have our client websites checked every 15 minutes to ensure they are responding in a timely fashion, and we have automated server monitors constantly looking at our client machines to ensure they are working - even when we’re playing. Does your web site provider do this? Very few of our projects are now just pretty looking websites, we are building powerful apps that are keeping people’s businesses operating 24 hours a day. If you are reliant on web technologies to keep earning you money, then you need to ensure you have monitoring and engineering in place when things go down.

And believe us, they do frequently. And we are there, on hand, as quickly as possible to ensure our clients services aren’t affected.

How we do it

We’re big fans of Slack, using it for in-house collaboration, as well as server monitoring. We get all our messages through Slack if there are any issues. We all get notified every night when the database backups are run (is your data backed up nightly), and when messages and files are stuck, when sites go down and a whole lot more.

We also manage a number of servers for our clients that are on-site as well as many, many client terminals. For this, we have been impressed with, and adopted Pulseway - a great service that gives us a huge amount of information about the computers we are monitoring.


So, please consider, is your website critical to the success of your business? Do you have backed up copies nightly of your vital data? Is your data completely safe where its stored?

And more importantly, if you need help, can you get it from your existing teams, out of hours or indeed in a field?


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