A company really doesn’t exist, have life or a future without it’s clients. And I know we can do better for them. Much better.


Next month, Sprechen will be 9 years old. 50% of companies fail within 5 years, and 70% within 7 years. Now, we’re truly grateful for the 150 + companies who have trusted us in that time with the creation and evolution of their digital produce, marketing and systems. I’ve learnt from every single one of those organisations and the people who lead them.


But, we’ve let a few clients down in our time, mainly through the late delivery of products. As far as I’m aware, we’ve never delivered a sub-standard product, but sometimes it takes us a lot longer than planned. There’s a few excuses I could roll out here, but lets call it ‘growing pains’ for now. The Digital industry suffers from a bit of a cowboy reputation, and I’m not proud to say that we’ve occasionally contributed to it.


I’m amazed

What I’m always amazed about is where those clients, with tens or hundreds of companies to choose from, choose to stick with us through thick and thin. They are the most understanding people in the world, and I always try to do my best to show my gratitude. We have 5 clients who have paid us monthly retainers for 9 years. It’s incredible.


It has to change

But, if we’re going to make it through to ten years in business, things are going to have to change. And so we will use the next few blog posts and social media to announce a few improvements, designed to start making a difference - to our clients, for our people and for the reputation of our industry. 


First up….


Announcing Sam, our new CTO


We’re proud to announce Samuel Barker as our first CTO. Sam first started coding at Sprechen while finishing his degree in Digital Media Development, supporting our client projects. After a post-uni stint with local agencies in the South, he’s now teaching at the University of Winchester and looking after our growing portfolio of digital product projects.


With a love of life that matches our aims for a truly office-less organisation, and the passion for making clients happy, he has already proved to be a huge asset to our small team of experts.


When not working and lecturing, you’ll find Sam around Europe chasing the next party, extending his knowledge of contemporary coding languages and bringing a smile to everyone’s face.


We’re delighted to have him on board in our 9th year, and making a difference to our clients.


More from me soon.


Steve (Sprechen CEO)