If you’re a follower of our journey here at Sprechen, you’ll know that we take our CSR very seriously and always strive to do whatever we can to help those in need.

Through our work with Winchester Round Table, we were approached by Tanya Harder of Southampton Ladies Circle in regards to a joint service programme that organise sanitary item distribution in Bangladesh.

Tanya has had the privilege to actually visit the young ladies at Kathpencil Pathshala, and is passionate about this initiative to give these young women the opportunity to learn about women’s hygiene. It really is such a pleasure to help with something that so many of us take somewhat for granted.  

Period Poverty is a global issue, and is explained succinctly by ActionAid.

“Access to sanitary products, safe, hygienic spaces in which to use them, and the right to manage menstruation without shame or stigma, is essential for anyone who menstruates.

But for many, this is not a reality. This is not just a potential health risk - it can also mean women and girls’ education, well-being, and sometimes entire lives are affected.

No woman or girl should be held back because of their period.”

The particular establishment that our donation here at Sprechen went towards, is somewhere that dedicates themselves to give children that are alone without a guardian, a safe place with food, clothes, medicine, and education. Being able to offer the young women at this institution clean, safe sanitary items and the opportunity to learn about female hygiene is something that could really change their lives.

The mission at Kathpencil Pathshala is to help people find their inner spirit and become a valuable person in their society, and we truly believe that the sanitary item distribution that Tanya and Southampton Ladies Circle have been involved with will have a hugely positive impact on the young women there.

Sprechen are proud to donate part of our CSR fund to support this great and important mission, and pay for some of the Always products that were brought to these young women in need.

We need to see an end to period poverty, in this country and abroad.