At the end of the day, business is about people. And people should trust each other. With the constant media hype of financial doom, impending global depressions and the threats of redundancy, it’s important to remember that business still has to happen. We are still working.


People have ideas all the time (even more so when bored), they have an urge to innovate, and there’s others who want to make this situation so much better for everyone. For that, I applaud you.


So I’m prepared to be totally honest, and write down openly how the team at Sprechen can help get things moving again for you:

  1. Pay monthly finance for your projects - whilst the banks aren’t willing to lend money, and we can’t establish a financial partner at this time to take the burden, we’ve decided to put our trust in you. All of our software, website, e-commerce and custom Xero integration projects are available with pay monthly contracts that suit you. There’s no credit checks, interest applied or complicated contracts, it’s a level of trust between you and I. 
  2. We will work to your budget - at the end of the day, you’ve only got a certain amount of money to spend on a project, so let’s have an honest conversation about what is affordable. Whilst we can’t work for pennies, now is not the time to be trying to squeeze excess profits from each and every client. So let’s see if your project is affordable for your budget and for us. No pressure if not.
  3. Advice doesn’t have to cost - we’ve learnt a lot in our ten years in business, and 18 years coding and communicating. Our successful campaigns and software have reached around the globe, and with that comes a lot of experience. Experience can and should be shared freely. We can’t take it with us.

    Our expertise is in communicating, launching products, building digital products, creating custom software integration and creating effective marketing campaigns and tools. We will happily give away as much knowledge as you’re looking for. Call it a workshop, a virtual coffee, a kind of business analysis. Whatever. Let’s just see if we can make things better by talking.
  4. Let’s go halves - if you’ve got an epic vision for a digital product, that’s great news. Perhaps there’s a way in which we can work together on it, and share in the rewards if you don’t have lots of cash available right now. 

    You might be an ideas person, a specialist in your field, but need a digital partner with experience of software building and launching products to market. Let’s have an open conversation and see if we both find some mileage in it. The last recession helped to build some of the greatest products we are using today.


Lets Connect

We’re here to connect with you - Zoom, Teams, Hangouts, Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger Video, Email, Telephone - you name it, we have been using it extensively over the last few months. Some of those conversations have created incredible things, transformed connections and are driving innovation that can change lives.


I’ve spoken with people who are struggling, people who see the future with wide open possibilites, and those that are just looking to use this period to smarten up what they are doing and get back to normal. Wherever you’re at, let’s connect.