Here at Sprechen we’re not quite like other agencies. Of course, we can help with your website needs. But did you know it’s not just websites we can do for your business - we can also help with getting your e-commerce website products into a Facebook ads catalogue.

Imagine being able to promote your products across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. A Facebook catalogue enables you to upload all the items you wish and holds all the relevant information - images, prices, descriptions and more.

Sprechen can help collate this for you, as well as use this catalogue to implement a digital marketing strategy to promote your products.

The Facebook family of apps lends itself well to digital promotion of products, and once these are in a catalogue you can start a structured campaign with some great digital marketing options.


Dynamic Ads

Have you ever wondered why you see adverts for something pop up on Facebook after searching for them on Amazon? You can use this for your products too. Using a pixel (an analytics tool installed on your website) you can create and direct dynamic ads to people who have already looked at or searched for your items online. You can then show these people the other items in your catalogue.

Shopping on Instagram

If you follow any brands or influencers on Instagram, you’ll likely already be familiar with shopping on Instagram. Using this, you could tag products from your catalogue in Instagram posts and stories and enable potential customers to tap on your tagged products, see the price and description, and even shop your product right there on their Instagram feed.

Facebook Page Shop

If you’ve got a Facebook Page Shop, you can add products directly from your catalogue. If you don’t yet have a shop, you can create one directly from your catalogue too. The great thing about this is that any photos or videos you share on your page including your products, you can tag and enable potential customers to click your post and shop your products.

Collection Ad Format

Another advert you can use to promote your products is to create a collection ad where people can tap on items to learn more or browse similar items. In users feeds, your ad will feature four products under a hero image or video and will then open into a full-screen Instant Experience when someone interacts with your ad. This means that on a mobile device, It opens full screen and visually highlights your product.


You can create and manage your catalogue using Catalogue Manager, or to enable an agency like Sprechen to manage your catalogue for you, you can set up Business Manager.

For more information on how we can bring your e-commerce website products on to Facebook and strategically implement this catalogue a part of your social media marketing campaign, give us a call on 01962 670 190.