You’ll soon be able to wander around Wiltshire a little more in-the-know, thanks to a new web application in development by Sprechen.


We are delighted to have won a contract working with our partners at TVPP and the University of Winchester, to be creating an interactive experience for the town of Malmesbury in West Wiltshire.


We will be creating a long-lasting legacy for the town, including a multi-media database of artefacts, momento’s, recordings and visualisations from throughout the ages, with a responsive website that will guide visitors through the area’s highlights.


The web-based application will be able to locate the visitor as they wander through the town, highlighting interesting facts and stories, as well as providing an opportunity for local retailers to highlight their wares and support the local economy. 


Development is already underway, and we look forward to presenting the results in the early part of the Summer.


You can already find out more about the town by visiting