September has arrived and with it, that little chilly bite in the air late in the evenings and early mornings. The delicious smell of Autumn is on it’s way (sorry, Summer) and we’re excited for a bit of a different reason this year - The new season will bring a new Sponsorship for Sprechen.


Nothing gives us greater satisfaction then giving a little something back to our local community and so when the opportunity to sponsor Winchester Rugby Club arose, we jumped at the chance.


If you follow our blog, you’ll know how important CSR is to us here at Sprechen. We strive to be actively involved in our local community, and there’s nothing like a bit of sport to bring people together, especially when it comes to local teams.


You don’t feel much more of a community spirit buzz than what you get at a rugby match. Whether you’re there to support a family member or friend, or just to cheer on your local side, there’s something a bit special about the connection you get from being a part of wider team – Playing or supporting.


Nowadays there is a global focus of being connected online – Netflix, Instagram, Facebook give you a whole world of entertainment and friends at your fingertips. But sometimes, we really just need to strip it back to basics and connect with real life, local people. Seeing someone’s selfie face on a story doesn’t compare to connecting with them face to face, so when you get the opportunity to connect with your people in person, go for it.


We are absolutely delighted to be involved with sponsoring Winchester Rugby Club, so go on, swap the online connection for a bit of team spirit and head down to watch a local game. The 1st XV team won their last pre-season game on Saturday so don’t miss next Saturday’s fixture for a good bit of sporting entertainment! Follow along on Twitter too @winchesterRFC for all the latest action.