A couple of us here at Sprechen jumped at the opportunity of the school Easter break and have just returned having escaped for a weeks holiday for a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation.

And you don't get much more rejuvenated than by standing at the top of Mount Snowdon, breathing in the very fresh air. That's where our MD Steve has been, taking in the stunning scenery and raw landscape. 

We all know that Steve never switches off - He's always got his laptop closeby and his phone never stops buzzing. But standing at the top of a mountain, with no chance of technology even if he wanted it, was just the perfect reminder that even Mr Technology himself needs to get away from it all every once in a while. 

I also had a welcome break from tech with a week long hiatus from social media, which actually felt very cleansing. When I'm at home, I feel a little bit lost if my phone isn't in my pocket and I often find myself having a little scroll through newsfeeds during a quieter moment. 

But sitting by the pool in the Portuguese sun, I wasn't bothered at all about where my phone was and scrolling through Facebook and Instagram couldn't have been further from my mind. 

I did, however, rely on the wonders of data roaming and 4G to save my awful sense of direction when I decided I knew the way back from the beach to the villa with a grumpy baby in tow. I did not know the way, that quickly became apparent, but thankfully trusty Google Maps saved the day and took me safely back.  

I think it's easy to think that when you're on holiday, you need to let go of technology and put it all away, which I do agree with to an extent. We all need a break now and then, to get out in the fresh air, back to nature, and ground ourselves again with sunshine on our face and grass underfoot.

But I also think how grateful I am for the technology we have around us, even when on holiday. Having my phone on me, meant that I didn't panic on my own trying to find my way back to the villa with my baby. Wi-Fi in the villa meant that in the crazy moments, we could link my father-in-laws laptop to the TV and stream The Gruffalo to calm down over-tired children. It meant that we could share our photos with each other on Whatsapp and see what a lovely day we'd had from everyone's different perspectives. We could book tickets online and save money on Zoomarine, book taxis and find restaurants for dinner. All of these technological things helped make our holiday a great week away. 

Whilst riding the train back down from Snowdonia, which has been going since the 1800s, Steve also got to thinking how the technology and innovation we create makes such a long lasting impact. These days our society tend to think of the short term, but so much of what we do will last way into the future. 

We've come back from our holidays feeling refreshed and looking forward to the warmer months ahead, and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very sunny, restful and happy Easter weekend!