Pretty much everything nowadays is largely based in the digital realm, so it's not surprising that 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day per week, and 53% for at least half the week. Phones always seem to be switched on and emails can be checked with a few quick taps before we've even made it out of bed. 

What does working remotely mean to you?

There are a whole network of people here at Sprechen who work remotely from home or our favourite coffee shops dotted about Winchester, London and Cardiff. 

This doesn't just benefit us, but our clients as well. 

Maybe you are one of the above, where you're office based part of the time and work remotely for the remainder of the week. For me, working part time here at Sprechen, working remotely means being able to switch on at scheduled times of day, whilst also spending treasured moments with my children inbetween. 

I am at my most productive and creative when my eldest is off at school and my youngest two are napping. This means I have a block of time in the middle of the day when I've already been out and got some fresh air (doing the school run), eaten well (breakfast and lunchtime done) and I'm energised and fuelled for a focused couple of hours of working. 

The rest of my afternoon is devoted to my boys, and once they're safely tucked up in bed I can log back on and finish off anything else that needs to be done for an hour or so. And then I switch off! 

I have worked flexibly in this way for 6 years and I couldn't feel luckier or more grateful to have time with my boys and also be able to work and further my career. I feel productive, motivated and valued in my work life, whilst still being able to take my eldest to and from school and spend those precious first years with my youngest two. These are the benefits of remote working to me - The epitome of work-life balance. 


For Steve, his power hours are first thing in the morning. Most of the time, you’ll find him glued to his keyboard and coffee from around 5am till lunchtime, filling the afternoon with meetings. In the summer, you’ll find him working whilst it’s coolest, and then off out cycling around the New Forest and by the Solent (all Aquarius’ love being by the water) or on the River Hamble. Again, finding work-life balance.
He loves to travel and with an ever-expanding client base into mainland Europe, sometimes the most productive hours just aren’t 9am-5pm, sometimes they are 5pm - 9pm!


Sam has the flexibility to work night or day when energy is at the highest, helping him to juggle his commitments between being an expert CTO, and a University Lecturer. If you’ve got the energy at 1am or at 1pm, then why not ensure that is your best time for working. Quite often that will mean coding by the side of a beach in North Devon, taking a break in between all the surfing, or catching up with a few hours waiting for a plane in Germany.

We also work with contractors on short-term projects, who just like our clients are across Europe, are often working in different time zones.

Our Clients

Some of our clients are building a startup business as a side project, and appreciate our flexibility to meet them out of hours. We even have one new project being briefed in from New York at the moment.

When we’re launching something new for clients, often they don’t want downtime during office hours or
when their clients will most likely be using their services. Using our ultimate flexibility, we have the opportunity to better service them.

Is this the death of 9 till 5?

Ultimately, we believe that it’s not the hours we work that best serves our clients, its fulfilling their needs and the needs of our team to achieve a strong work-life balance.